Hi, I am Joydeep and I am pleased to see you here….


Welcome to my community called devexpresso which I had built having only one purpose, to create a unique opportunity for various innovators, collaborators and idea thinkers of software industry to share their ideas and connect to prospective stakeholders who can help the talents to grow a strong software community.


As a developer, I had always striven to find opportunities to learn and share my knowledge to the community. We are all aware of the facts that time is a big factor and most often even if we have some great ideas, we don’t find opportunities to execute them and that ideally deviate us from our dreams and urge to learn, which results into loosing interest over time. Keeping that in mind and knowing these factors, I thought, why not create a community where we coders and developers can build our dreams and reach out to prospective stake holders who would like to hear our ideas and give us the opportunity to grow our ideas. Well, let me also share that this platform is not targeting any sales, or job search or freelance work. This is a unique platform with a purpose to showcase and share our innovations and ideas at global level. I had started this website with an intention to have a blog but then eventually thought to make it big with some good cause.


If you get some time, feel free to visit my blog where I had shared some insights and my experience with various technology assets that I have dedicated myself to learn and create proof of concepts or pilot projects.


Thank you for coming and I hope we can share a lot to build a better community for our engineers.