Generate SQL Azure DB Schema Diagram

There was a necessity for me to generate a Schema diagram having all the DB objects for my SQL Azure database. Unfortunately while you connect to your SQL Azure database through SQL Management Studio, you will not find the option to generate DB diagram like the one you get from by connecting to Local SQL Server Database

In order to accomplish that I had downloaded SQL data Migration Wizard from and did a migration from SQL Azure too Local SQL database. I did find another tool in order to generate Schema diagrams DBForge Studio for SQL Server but you need to pay for this. You can also generate the schema diagram using Entity Framework through Visual Studio but I don’t want to take that path.

Step by step I went ahead using the Migration tool to generate SQL objects from SQL Azure to my local database. Also this tool is really helpful when you want to migrate the schema object from local database to SQL Azure.

My first step is to run SQLAzureMW (Migration Tool) that I had downloaded from the above link. I had selected the Migrate option and also Target Server as my Local SQL Server.


Next step is to connect to the source whose schema migration is required.


Next step is to select the object or objects whose schema is required for migration purpose.


The next screen will show the summary and along with that the SQL Script creation required for migration purpose will be started.


Once the SQL Script generation is complete you can either save the script for your pre deployment steps or you can continue with next level of migration.


While you click Next, you will get the window where you need to select the target SQL Server which might be a your local SQL server or another SQL Azure Database. Since I need to create my database schema diagram, I went on selection for my local SQL Server and my database where I need to migrate the SQL Azure table objects


The above step will execute the SQL Scripts generated from SQL Azure database against my local SQL server database.

All good to go. My database have all the tables I wanted and I am ready to generate database diagram. Godspeed…

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