Using Open Live Writer for writing blogs

Writing blog has always been one of my favorite hobby. I had been using Windows Live Writer for posting my ideas, thoughts and sharing my experience to the outside world. Recently I came around with another writer called Open Live Writer which can also be used for writing blogs. It is almost similar to Windows Live Writer. As a coder and blogger, I would like to share my experience of how you can get this writer and how you can embed your code snippet to your post.

The writer can be downloaded from the location. Once you download the writer, you will be asked to configure it to connect to your blog account. In my case I am using WordPress as my blog account. Once you have installed the writer, you need download the Source Code Snippet plugin from the following location. Thanks to the following link from where I got the instruction of downloading the plugin and configuring it. Once you download the plugin, you need to unzip the plugin folder and copy the contents to any of your local directory folder.


Now you need to open your registry and follow the path HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareOpenLiveWriterPluginAssemblies where you need to add a Key: SyntaxHighlight_WordPressCom_OLWPlugIn_V2.0.0 and Value: C:OLWPluginSyntaxHighlight_WordPressCom_OLWPlugIn.dll. The value will be the folder path where the plugin files resides.


Next open the configuration file OpenLiveWriter.exe.config from the following location C:UsersUserNameAppDataLocalOpenLiveWriterapp-0.6.2 and update the configuration file by adding <loadFromRemoteSources enabled=”true” /> at the runtime section.

image Once you complete this process, close the writer and reopen it. You will be able to view the Source Code Snippet plugin in the writer utility.


Hope this helps to all my fellow bloggers.

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