Global Azure Boot Camp 2018–Austin TX

April 21, 2018 we have organized the Microsoft Global Azure Boot Camp 2018 at Austin, Texas. Here are some of the snapshots of the boot camp.


Shawn Weisfeld

Shawn Weisfeld – Cloud Solution Architect (Microsoft Corporation)

#GlobalAzureBootcamp2018 Shawn giving session on “Azure in 60 min”

— Joydeep Ghosh (@joydeep1977) April 22, 2018

Eddie Villalba-small


Eddie Vallalba – Azure Cloud Architect (Microsoft Corporation)

#GlobalAzureBootcamp2018 Eddie Vallalba giving session on “Microservices, Containers, Devops and Kubernetes in Azure Cloud”

John Sterrett

John Sterrett – CEO & Principal Consultant (Procure SQL LLC)

Sucharit Reddy - small

Sucharit Reddy – Cloud Solution Architect (Microsoft Corporation)

#GlobalAzureBootcamp2018 Sucharit Reddy giving session on “An Introduction to BlockChain in Azure”

— Joydeep Ghosh (@joydeep1977) April 22, 2018


Stephen W. Thomas – BizTalk Server Guru, MVP & Pluralsight Author

#GlobalAzureBootcamp2018 Stephen W. Thomas giving session on “Getting hands on with Azure Logic Apps”

Jeffrey Palermo

Jeffrey Palermo – CEO & Chief Architect (ClearMeasure)


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