Docker Interview Questions (Part 1)

  • What is Containerization

Containerization is an alternative to virtualization represented as a lightweight mechanism to encapsulate an application with its dependencies and OS in a container

  • What are the benefits of having Containerization


  • What is an image in a container world

Image is an executable package that includes all the components required to run an application like code, runtime, libraries, environment variables and configuration files

  • What is a Container

Container is the runtime instance of an image when executed having the state of the image and user processes

  • What is the difference between a Container and Virtual Machine

Container runs natively on Linux and shares the kernel of the host machine with other containers

Virtual Machine (VM) runs the whole OS with virtual access to host resources through hypervisor

  • What is Docker

Docker is a platform to develop, deploy and run applications with container

  • How do you check the Docker version
docker --version
  • How can you view details about Docker installation
docker info

  • How can you run a Docker image
docker run <image name>
  • How can you list docker image downloaded
docker image ls
  • How can you list docker containers which are still running
docker container ls --all
  • How does Containerization provide a seamless CI/CD process


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