Developers Tools

Throughout my life in course of development I have always tried to seek for better tools to make my life easier as a developer. Till now being a developer I am still searching for tools that increase my passion for development and help me each day to write my piece of code, test it or even use a plugin that helps me in my work. Here I would like to share some of my tools to you which can help you in your life. I will surely keep this page updated every time I come across some new tools or utilities I liked the most.

Pod Cast and Shows:

  • DotNet Rocks : My favourite technology pod cast which I hear most to get updated with latest trends and technologies. It is also available in various Mobile Apps (iOS, Andriod, Windows). Everyday I drive to my work listening to the pod casts featured there.
  • A Developers Life: A pod cast by Scott Hanselman, which airs various phases of life a developer lead.
  • Scott Hanselman blog: I follow Scott Hanselman a lot who is Principal Community Architect of Microsoft
  • Channel 9: Provide shows of various Microsoft technologies to learn
  • Pluralsight: A platform to learn new and latest technologies by various industry leaders and architect. I recommend it to everyone

Utilities And plugins:

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